The PTA Committee is made up of a number of key roles. The Committee leads the PTA and co-ordinates fundraising events.

Committee roles are allocated at the Annual General Meeting. Please note that in some cases there may be an element of flexibility within a role to suit an individual.

The PTA Committee is supported by the wider team of PTA members. Members contribute to monthly meetings, form sub teams to plan events and help out regularly. Our members are invaluable – without them our fairs, discos, cake sales, bedtime stories and other events simply wouldn't happen.

The following people have volunteered to support the roles this year:

Gemma Clack – Chair
Lucie Barnes and Michelle Mitchell – Vice Chair
Danielle O'Gara – Treasurer
Sarah Smith - Secretary

We still need your continued support throughout the year,  it’s always greatly appreciated and needed to support the various fundraising events which are held. Please contact our School Office if you wish to help.