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Our PE lessons are managed by Multiflex (UK) Limited who deliver specialist PE provision to all year groups  - our Sports Stars can be found towards the bottom of the page.  They also provide support with sports clubs, give coaching to our school sports teams and offer holiday camps. Have a look at their website by clicking

Multiflex are running an Easter Camp 2019 at Havannah on Monday 8th April -Football/Street Dance/Gymnastics and Tuesday 9th April - Easter Egg Hunt. Children can choose which events they take part in and can change activities throughout the day. £20 for 1 day, £35 for 2 days. **Book by Monday 11th March for only £10 per day.** See School Office for more details.  


Take a look at our Multiflex blogs below:


Wordpress (up to December 2017)

The Multiflex team includes:

Ross Speight


Ellis Rowland

Scott Twite - photo awaited

Cliff Moyo - photo awaited