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World Book Day 2nd March 2017

The children (and staff) at Havannah pulled out all the stops for this year's World Book Day. In fact it's been more like World Book Week! Many children came dressed as their favourite book character, there was a cake and book sale, a drawing competition based on favourite book characters and assemblies for both KS1 and KS2 to show off their efforts.  The staff and children have also created some fantastic displays around the school to celebrate the work of Roald Dahl with each class focusing on a different book.  Take a look at some of our photos below:

Drawing Competition
The winners of the What is Your Favourite Character/Book Cover are as follows:
KS1 winner - Scarlett Milbourne (Rec)
KS1 runners up - Tyler Moore (Rec) and Alfie Layton (Yr1)

KS2 winner - Lola Hopkin (Yr4)
KS2 runners up - Bailey Layton (Yr3), Ava Willock (Yr4) and Paige Galea (Yr5)

Best Costumes
The prizes for the best and most creative costumes are as follows:
Reception winner - Harley Machin
Reception runner up - Theo Benson-Pearson

Year 1 winner - Sam Graham
Year 1 runners up - Leon Wakefield and Thomas Dale
Year 2 winner - Harry Brookes
Year 2 runners up - Casey Willock and Noah Graham

Year 4 winner - Lois Byrne
Year 4 runner up - Hugo Byrne
Year 5 winner - Kiri Nichol
Year 5 runner up - Jack Lees
Year 6 winner - Jessica Church
Year 6 runner up - Callum Roberts

The total raised was over £125!  Many thanks to all parents and carers for their cake donations and all the fantastic costumes.