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Science Update

STEM Spaghetti Challenge June 2016 - 

On Tuesday (21st June 2016) KS2 took part in a STEM challenge, run by Siemens, to make the tallest structure possible from dry spaghetti and one marshmallow! They worked in small groups to design their tower with a prize given to the tallest tower in each year group.  Take a look at our photos below:

A Year 6 group managed the tallest structure of the day standing 57cm tall.  Well done!
Science Week 2016

The children completed many science based activities during this week. They all had a session in a star lab looking at the stars and planets and then looked at the planets in more depth. They made predictions about what would happen when they created rain clouds. On Tuesday afternoon year 2 went to Eaton Bank and they made volcanoes using dough, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. The children used alka-salts and water to send popping rockets flying. Then they watched a scientific magic show where they could make plenty of predictions and ask lots of questions about the chemistry taking place. Year 4 visited Eaton Bank on the Thursday, they did chemistry activities.  On the Wednesday the children measured pulse rates and trained like astronauts as part of Mission X with Multiflex. Take a look at our photos below: