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Forest Schools Club

This week the children wanted to learn about fires. So I set them a challenge "who could make and light the best fire?". Elliots team tried using large pieces of wood but the fire steel wouldn't light it. Logan's team knew they needed small sticks but it wouldn't light as their fire was too spread out. The children loved making their own pizza which we then cooked. Helena did her own perfect fire and she lit it too. We used Helena's and Orla's fire to cook our pizzas on! Finally, when the fire had cooled down the children discovered that the remains of a fire made charcoal. It was wonderful to watch their excited faces and listen to their shrieks of delight as they used used it to draw on the trees. Another wonderful session! We also managed to fit in a bit of bug hunting and playing forest games. Next week they have asked to use forest tools and toast marshmallows on their own fires.

Take a look at our pictures below: