Teaching Staff

Meet our Teachers...

Mrs Clare Thornborrow - Pre-School Teacher

In Pre-School you will find Mrs Thornborrow (teacher), Caroline Thorley and Louise Bown.

Miss Sophie Slater/Mrs Rachel Holmes - Reception 

In Reception you will find me, Miss Slater (teacher), Mrs Holmes (teacher) and Mrs Beard (teaching assistant)… but most importantly,


if you look closely, you will spot the 30 other children that make up our wonderful class!


Mrs Emma Fearn - Year 1

In Year 1 is Mrs Fearn (teacher), Mrs Lynch and Mrs Allison (teaching assistants). It will be an exciting time as the children start to establish themselves at the school.


Miss Louise Harding - Year 2

In Year 2 you will find Miss Harding (teacher) and Mrs Irving (teaching assistant) and a class of wonderful children. Keep an eye out on our blog to see what we get up to. 


Mr Ian Wood - Year 3

In Year 3 you will find Mr Wood (teacher) and Mrs Taylor (teaching assistant) working with the children to develop their independence. 

The children are encouraged to be resilient and focused learners. They will have many exciting projects planned this term and throughout the year. I know the children will be immersed in and enjoy discovering many new things along the way.


Mrs Sue Sutton - Year 4

In year 4 will be Mrs Sutton (teacher), Mrs Smith and Miss Thorpe (teaching assistants) along with the children who will be encouraged to take responsibility, set themselves new challenges, be confident and be excellent role models for the younger children in Reception, Years 1,2 and 3 to look up to.


Miss Rebekah Kitson - Year 5

In Year 5 you will find Miss Kitson (teacher) and Mrs Kitson (teaching assistant). Once the children enter into the upper section of Key Stage 2, more expectations and responsibilities are placed upon our Year 5 children.


Mrs Alex Hinds - Year 6


In Year 6 you will find Mrs Hinds (teacher), Mrs Allison, Mrs Henderson and Mrs Lynch (teaching assistants). Possibly the most action-packed year in the children's life so far at Havannah Primary School. Year 6 kicks off with a real focus as we set ourselves targets and embrace the additional responsibilities that come with Year 6 whilst also facing the SATs exams in May!

Clare Birdsall - Year 6